Virtual Games & Tournaments

Diving into new or well-loved games is a great way to establish a sense of connection and bring everyone together. USO Colorado makes a positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of our service members and their families through virtual games and tournaments accessible to players located anywhere in Colorado and Wyoming, and beyond.

Virtual games and tournaments are fun and sociable ways to spend time, encourage teamwork, help build connections and combat loneliness, a dangerous emotion that can creep in after transferring to a new duty station, changing shifts, or even following a vacation to a hometown. They bring people, who may be feeling lonely, into a group and give them the chance to interact with another human being through shared interests, goals and objectives, as well as some healthy competition.

Boosting morale and bringing people together have never been more important as our service members and their loved ones face fast-paced change daily, both in their personal and working lives. Whether they need motivation, relaxation or a cause for celebration, USO Colorado uses games as tools to show we care.

“The virtual games the USO offers, like trivia night and bingo, have been so helpful in feeling connected to others and bringing our family together.” – Military Spouse

Please note: This program is open to any currently serving or retired military service members as well as their spouses, partners and families to play together – active duty, national guard, reservists, coalition/allied forces, and retirees are all welcome.

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