Operation: We Love Recruiters

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This program is designed to connect military recruiters to the USO family. While most active duty military service members work at a military installation and have a community of their peers to rely on, those in the recruiting field only have a handful of other people in their office, and almost all are located away from military installations. We’ve designed this program to provide a smile and a “you’re not forgotten” along with a small token or treat on a regular basis.

Comments about the program:

I was having an awful day today and couldn’t wait to go home, then you showed up and made my day better and made me smile – Army Recruiter.

“Thank you for changing the boss’s mood, he’s been grumpy all day” – Army Recruiter

“This is so cool! Look it’s Santa! I’ve got to get a picture for my kids, they’re not going to believe this!” – Marine Corps Recruiter

“Thank you for everything you guys [The USO] does for us. You and your team making a special trip to visit our Sailors makes a huge impact and helps us show them we all care about what they’re doing.” – Skipper Chris, Navy Recruiting Command

The ear to ear smiles, laughter, and overall reaction to our visit is priceless. Bringing joy and the support of the community to these recruiters is so important, we’re happy to be able to create this reaction.

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