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    USO Colorado Pathfinder Transition program

    If you missed last month, Register for this August 3rd opportunity.

    Aug 3rd, 2021 11:00 AM MDT (1100S)

  2. USO Network event 

    USO Colorado Pathfinder Transition program

    This event is a gathering between our USO community partners, employers, transitioning service members and military spouses. During this time, our community partners will meet and help transitioning service members practice their networking skills …

    Aug 11th, 2021 4:00 PM MDT (1600S)

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"I need to give the Denver USO some love... I had a 18hr layover in Denver and (to save money, you all know I'm a penny pincher) I decided not to leave the airport. I got in at 2300 last night and the USO doesn't open until 0500. I packed a blanket and small pillow in my backpack and made a comfy spot in the airport. I hunkered down for about 6 hours. When the USO opened at 0500, I checked in and went straight to the dark room with recliners. I slept for nearly 6 straight hours! When I woke up, there was hot food, coffee, pop, anything I could ever want... and it's all for free. You want to take a snack or drink for your flight? Go right ahead! They are THAT awesome. Need some items to refresh yourself after a long layover? Go right ahead! They had anything you could need. The staff was amazing. They were making families food, they were cleaning up after everyone, they were nothing but smiles. This isn't my first time in the Denver USO. I've always had good experiences here. I just want everyone to know how helpful and kind the staff/volunteers are. 15/10 would recommend for any military members and their family. Thank you!"
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