USO Denver "Sports N Libations" (SNL)

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the sports world, leaving everyone with a void left by live sports coming to an abrupt halt. Sports provide one of the largest platforms for people to come together, supporting their hometown teams and even countries. Sporting events have the power to lift people up in times of uncertainty, and can bring immense joy for players, coaches, fans, and everyone involved. USO Denver created a new virtual sports talk called Sports N Libations (SNL) to help fill the void left by sports and allow sports fans to connect and build camaraderie!

On Tuesday, the first installment of SNL rolled out for USO Denver volunteers. They gathered around their computers, their favorite ice-cold beverages in hand, ready to engage in the hottest trending topics in sports! The conversation flowed through topics like Rob Gronkowski’s recent trade to the Buccaneers to join his favorite QB, Tom Brady; the new docuseries “The Last Dance” starring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls; and what the sports world will look like after we have emerged from the global pandemic.

Our team enjoyed the chance to connect virtually with each other from the comfort of home, while chatting about our favorite sports. The joy in seeing each other through our computers while exchanging smiles and laughs made the event a success. It’s clear we can’t wait to have live sports back in our lives, but SNL was a great way to begin filling that sports void we are all experiencing!

We enjoyed it so much that we’re inviting the military community to join us for our next SNL on May 6th at 6:30pm MDT! We may even have some VIP guests! For more information and to register please visit

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