USO Denver Hosts Volunteer Trivia Night for National Volunteer Week

At a time when social distancing is the new normal, and USO operations are looking a little different, many of our volunteers miss seeing their USO friends and spending time with the military service members and families we serve. With the stress and anxiety of our current situation, what better time than National Volunteer week to put aside all that is weighing us down to bring smiles and joy to our volunteers?

National Volunteer Week is a special time each year to show appreciation to volunteers around the world. At USO Denver, we take time to recognize our volunteers’ accomplishments and thank them for their service. Whether working behind the scenes with inventory and deliveries, filling goodie bags for an upcoming event, or delivering goodness directly to our troops and their families, our mission is accomplished seamlessly with them by our side.

In celebration of National Volunteer week, USO Denver hosted a volunteer trivia night. We scheduled a special session of the interactive online game our military families have enjoyed, just for our volunteers to play together. We took it a step further and invited our entire team to watch their peers compete using an online video conference app, if they weren’t interested in competing themselves. This gave everyone a chance to be a part of the fun! Trivia questions covered several topics including USO fun facts and 1960s/1970s entertainment. Our volunteers enjoyed answering questions like “What year did USO Denver open their Airport center?” and “What 1968 movie features the quote, ’I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that?” Whether the questions were easy to answer or stumped our volunteers, everybody enjoyed the time to sit back, laugh, and once again, feel a part of a team they hold dear to their hearts.

“I enjoyed watching” and “I had a great time playing” were just a few of the comments made by our participants. For some, volunteering with USO Denver is their favorite opportunity during the week to socialize, so having the opportunity to interact with others through a virtual platform, helped meet that need to feel connected. One volunteer pointed out that ‘Just hearing your voices’ made her feel good and relieved some of her worries, knowing everyone is doing well.

As we look forward to reopening our airport and MEPS centers, we are very appreciative of all our volunteers and the sacrifices they have made to make sure our troops and their families are well cared for. We cannot wait to open our centers and get back to doing what we do best, taking care our troops and bringing smiles to all that we serve.

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