Virtual Sing & Play with Mother Goose

Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Hickory Dickory Dock…. These historical rhymes date back over 300 years and have been passed down from generation to generation. Whether we are learning about the time Mary’s lamb followed her to school or wondering why the plate ran away with the spoon, these ageless stories helped shape our childhood and build our imaginations.

On Friday, May 1st, USO Denver celebrated Mother Goose Day by sharing a story time video on social media. Mother Goose helped stir up some of our most cherished memories and brought joy to our military families. Mother Goose told tales of her friends and their adventures and encouraged her viewers to join her in singing some of her favorite songs like “Skidamarink” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

It was fun helping Mother Goose remember where her favorite animals lived and cleaning up our mess while singing the “Bumble Bee” song. Reaching over 30 families, to date, our viewers had a chance to share in this Mother Goose experience, bringing out the child in all of us.

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