USO Denver Makes Origami Animals with Military Kids

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How much fun do you think you can have folding pieces of paper into a fun bear or an elegant giraffe? Our military families that participated in our virtual crafting event can tell you… A lot!

On Thursday, May 7th, USO Denver invited the littlest military family members to explore the 400-year-old art form, Origami. With kits in hand and parents on the side to aide, these little crafters learned to make some of our favorite critters. From butterflies to frogs to ladybugs, they had the opportunity to take a break from the norm and try something new.

Just months ago, participating in a USO event virtually was unheard of, but now has become the safest way to stay connected. Reaching over 90 viewers across all 5 branches of the military, events like Crafter Noon have given our military families a chance to just take a break. One parent shared why this event was important to their family: “It’s great for [us] to pause from the hustle and bustle from day to day and just have some fun.”

Another parent shared what they enjoyed most, “All of it. Especially liked how facts were given about the animals we just made. The stories were good too for the younger kids so it really catered to all.” Sharing fun facts like the difference between a chrysalis and cocoon and taking a break to read a couple children’s books made this event not just a fun activity but a learning experience. Our USO Denver crafter helped keep participants entertained while expanding their knowledge about some of our favorite zoo animals.

Whether its crafting a beautiful butterfly or learning about where Origami originated from, nothing tops watching our littles smile and building fun memories with those we hold close.

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