Military Families Play Virtual “Bingo!” with the USO!

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On Thursday, nearly 120 service members, their spouses and military kids joined us online for an exciting virtual bingo night. Each family registered received a virtual bingo card so they could play along with our volunteers, Russ, Sue, and Janelle, who hosted and called the game. After getting everyone connected, excitement and anticipation grew as bingo cards filled with markers until suddenly, “Bingo!” was called out by three families at once!

Our three volunteers did a fantastic job learning the technology, keeping the energy up and tracking all of our winners! After the event, one volunteer, who was still pretty nervous about the technology even after our training told us, “Thank you, that was fun! Now that I have an idea as to what I am doing, sign me up for the next one!”

Virtual events continue to be a popular way to connect with military families across our service area while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic require everyone to avoid large gatherings. One family who joined us for Bingo said, “It’s such a strange time right now and we still choose to stay home. The virtual events the USO has offered have been so helpful in feeling connected to others and bringing our family together. It’s nice to all come together for bingo or trivia night and just laugh and have fun, in the safety of our home.”

Once again, the USO’s mission of connection and keeping military members and their families strong is at the root of this event - boosting morale, strengthening families, and fostering connections that show us we’re all in this together.

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