USO Colorado Thanks-a-Bunch Food Truck Lunch

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, and unrest, our military service members have answered the call to serve and protect. The USO teamed up with Buckley Garrison to celebrate the hard work their forces have accomplished during this time, boosting morale and showing our community’s appreciation through our Thanks-A-Bunch Food Truck Lunch event. Volunteers from Buckley’s Security Forces helped direct traffic and others helped keep each lane stocked by running food as it was prepared on site by the three food trucks we brought in for the event.

“Great event!”, “Truly appreciated!”, and “Thanks so much for lunch, it was DELICIOUS” were all comments received later from participants, but everyone who came through the lines were appreciative of our team and excited for lunch. With options like chicken gyros, Cubano sandwiches, and bacon cheeseburger macaroni and cheese, it’s no wonder nearly 1,200 service members rolled thru the three drive-thru lanes setup in an empty parking lot to pick up a hot lunch prepared by one of the food trucks. To top it off, Pepsi dropped off two pallets of electrolyte drinks to keep everyone hydrated!

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