Spring 2022 Troop Movement

Fort Carson is experiencing quite a bit of troop movement currently and USO Colorado is there to support. With 1st Brigade coming back from deployment from the Middle East to 3rd Brigade shipping out to Eastern Europe, we have received many requests for assistance. This time we had the pleasure of supporting 1BDE in stocking their barracks rooms for redeploying soldiers. They have nearly 750 service members returning that reside in the barracks on Fort Carson. So USO Colorado went to work gathering toiletry items, pillows, shower curtains and sheets to help make their homecoming transition a bit easier. This was a true community effort with items and support coming from all over the state. Every returning soldier will have a USO bag waiting in their room, with items for a shower and a good night’s sleep without the stress of having to get to the store or unpack as soon as they arrive. COL Morrison, Rear D Commander said, ‘This is a tremendous help and support to our units. With so many young troops returning to the barracks, this really shows them their community supports them- it’s just great, thank you!’ We were able to stuff and deliver the bags requested and now we count down the days to officially welcome them home from deployment!

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