USO Hosts Drive Thru Pizza Party at FE Warren AFB

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Dinner was on the USO Wednesday evening as seventy-five military families at FE Warren AFB were treated to a large pizza at our Drive Thru Pizza Party. Registration filled up quickly as excitement grew for the event. USO Denver’s team picked up the 75 piping hot pizza’s from Grampa’s Pizza in Downtown Cheyenne and within 30 minutes they were all headed home with military families. Before we left, photos and notes started pouring in on social media:

“It’s great to be able to not have to worry about making a meal the kids will like during a time like this, while also being able to see other families at a distance.” – Military Family

“It really helps to feel like people care enough to help you just by supplying a free meal for your family. My 5 month old was screaming in the back seat while I was picking up the pizza. That just goes to show you what it would have been like the ENTIRE TIME I cooked dinner, if I had had to!” – Military Spouse

“My spouse is TDY so any meal I don’t have to cook is a major bonus!!!” – Military Spouse

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