Burgers at Buckley

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USO Denver’s team joined the Top 3, a senior enlisted military organization, at Buckley AFB on Friday afternoon to host a grab-and-go lunch for active duty service members at Buckley AFB. Throughout the lunch hour 150 service members stopped by to say hello and grab a cheeseburger.

It wasn’t hard to tell that everyone was smiling and excited despite wearing face masks – with reactions like, “Wow, this is awesome!” and, “Thanks so much, this smells delicious!” Our favorite reaction came as we dropped off burgers at the base gate for those on duty – “What have you got there? YOU BROUGHT US BURGERS?! Hey everyone, the USO brought us a box of burgers!!! This is amazing, thank you so much!”

With the critical mission of missile warning, service members at Buckley have continued to keep our nation safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so this was a great way for us to say thank you and recognize them for their continued hard work.

Mission accomplished.

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