USO Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt at FE Warren AFB

Finding the best place to go imaginary fishing, playing a game of leapfrog and tracking down the world’s second fastest land animal are just a few of the fun challenges military families at FE Warren AFB did Saturday to celebrate Dad as part of our Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt! Over 70 service members and loved ones participated, submitting nearly 200 photos as they completed the challenges on the self-paced scavenger hunt app.

While two teams completed all 25 challenges, the prize challenge of finding the USO team at the lake, became available at 150 points. When teams found us, we were ready for them with treats and a Father’s Day goodie bag. As the world begins to re-open and restrictions are slowly lifted, this hybrid program allowed us to continue encouraging social distancing while getting everyone out and enjoying the beautiful weather together.

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