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The hard-working troops of 2-1 CAV on Fort Carson recently completed the 2-day rigorous physical and mental tests of a Spur Ride. The ride challenges their technical and tactical proficiency, and the ability to operate as part of a team under high levels of stress and fatigue, all under both day and night conditions. They poured their heart and soul into this process and worked tirelessly to do their best while competing against their comrades to complete the course. It is quite an accomplishment to complete the requirements – they were just exhausted by the end. This is where the USO came in- we provided a wonderful much needed meal to conclude the Spur Ride. It consisted of grilled burgers and dogs, popcorn, plenty of bottled water as well as pickle slices to help them rehydrate and replenish after the long ruck march that marked the end of the event. After a quick cool down and some love in the form of cold watermelon, they all attended the ceremony for awards and to receive their spurs. This time-honored tradition was a joy to be a part of and support the hard work these of this unit.

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